kitchen sink drama


can you guess which common (in the US)  household appliance just bubbled a fart at me  when I flipped the ‘on’ switch?    This mini Wendy House rebellion called for a plan and a back-up plan.   Hooray!

  • Plan:     Boldly, I climbed into it  wearing my fancy night-hiking head-torch and brandishing a pair of partially rusted pliers.   I tried twisting every bolt in sight.   Lack of any success quickly lead to boredum.   Nothing was twistable.  
  • Backup plan:     Cunningly,   I distracted the bubble-farter by using the kitchen sink.   Fabulous invention.   Every Wendyhome should have one, so versataile, reliable, simple and with fabulous lines.   Sigh.  

Kitchen Sink




Next, while the big white bubble-farter wasn’t looking I used Darling to find a repair service.   It’s going to have it’s cantankerous botty sorted-out by a pro!   In 2 weeks time.   Until then I’ll be savouring the dramatically simple beauty of the kitchen sink.

kitchen sink drama
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  1. Kate writes:

    Washing-up is good for your soul. Dish-washers are the devils invention and should be shunned by all good society. Get scrubbing girl!



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