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Issaquah village theatre’s production of Andrew Lloyd-Weber and Tim Rice’s Tony award winning  Evita is excellent.   Well above the standards of a regional city production of a musical 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ratings explained

Professional performances that my parents compared  favouably with the London show.   The choreography was reminiscent of the original show, the set was robust and versataille. The set was simple and evidence of a well financed production.

Evita orchestra pit


A physically petite Evita (Jennifer Paz) morphed from slight ill fitting dress through tailored designerwear to huge ballgowns, filling all with a presence beyond her frame.   Che (Louis Hobson) strutted through the show with suitable attitude,   posture and untamed hair.   Juan Perón (Eric Jensen) had both physical and musical presence,   his affection for the petite Eva clearly and economically conveyed.

This is the only Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice production that I feel inclined to like,   mainly because of the special characteristics of the storyline.   The lead female character is successful within the confines of the patriarchy.   This is clearly detailed with the songs highlighting that she is a whore and should stay in the bedroom.   She is the underdog (bitch) made good through self knowledge and careful marketting of her strengths (capitalism).   In that sense she personifies the American dream.   The use of Che as a critical,   yet appreciative,   male, narrative tool provides a good balance to the story within the  sadly realistic  narrative of the patriarchy.   The story has wry wit,   pathos,   the heroine is somehow almost  likeable yet at the same time detestable (totalitarianism, imbezzlement).  

Eva Peron good or bad thing?  

Fight it out amongst yourselves 😉

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