fiddlers fix-it list


Follow this well-tested fiddlers-fix-it  list whenever an appliance starts  playing up,  being darn rude, or completely refuses to play at all:

  1. wiggling.   try wiggling all the cables,   if this doesn’t work
  2. off-on.   turn it off,   wait 30 seconds,   turn it on again.  Repeat this process up to 3 times.   If it still doesn’t work then
  3. off-plug-on. turn it off,   unplug all the cables,   plug them back in, then turn it on again.   If it’s still being finnicky then try
  4. off-ignore-on. turn it off and leave it for 24 hours to see if it recovers on it’s own, turn it on again.   If it’s still having a strop…
  5. threaten.   threaten it with a screwdirver.   If that doesn’t get a rise,   a whirrr, or even a phut then try…
  6. squeeze, wiggle & twist.   turn it off,   put on rubber-soled shoes, marigold gloves,  and unscrew bits then squeeze and wiggle every squeezable and wiggle-able part.   If some parts can  turn around then gently encourage them to turn with your hand (be careful).   Put everything back together,  turn it on.   Avoid crying,   this can cause untold damage to exposed electic parts.   If it is still behaving in a highly objectionable manner,   even igonoring you then…  
  7. phone a friend. phone a friend or two and interview them about their experiences with equivalent mechanisms.   Try to avoid crying because youe friend may have difficulty understanding you.   If friends are perplexed by the whole situation then try…    
  8. consult professionals. First, improvise living without it,   work out how much a replacement costs then find a repair service and get some repair cost quotes.   Don’t book them,   wait 24hrs for the shock of the potential cost to wear off and work out if you really can live without the mardy malfunctioning thingy.   Is it really worth the cost?   Excel can provide powerful insights at this point.
  9. Fix it. Finally either live without it,   get it repaired, or replace it.

Hope that helps.   Feedback and suggestions for refining this list welcomed.

This public broadcast service has been bought to you by Dr. Wendy and copious cups of black tea (with milk).    Dr. Wendy cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of following this advice  or the moodiness of your  appliances.

fiddlers fix-it list
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