blog quality guidelines (part 1)

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Which really means:

8 reasons why Wendy didn’t read a blog

together, these reasons  have prevented me  reading blogs that may have outstanding content… …but I’ll never know:

  1. poor publicity:   I don’t know that the blog exists,   its contents  never show up in any of my internet searches,   there are no links to it in other stuff that I read, none of my friends told me about it.
  2. foriegn language:   I know it exists but I can’t read it because the language is too foriegn.  For example,  German,   Instant Message or phone-text message  style  abbreviations like “u shud cuz u r kewl“.  
  3. personally irrelevant: I know it exists, I can read the language, but the blog content does not provide anything clearly relevant to my life.  For example,   a blog on standard poodles.
  4. offensive message:     I know it exists, I can read the language, the content is relevant to my life but the message is  fundamentally offensive.  
  5. squinting required:    either the text is so small that I have to squint to read, there is a low  contrast between the text and the background,   the spacing between the text lines is so small it’s difficult to visually follow one line.   I can’t read it without changing my preferred browser text-size that works for most other web pages.
  6. witless: If a blog lacks wit, I stop reading it. I like to learn something or laugh,   ideally both at the same time.   Double whammy!
  7. lacking illustrative pictures:   Too much text can make my head spin,   then I fall over.  Breaking the stream of text,  regularly, with  pictures that illustrate the message helps prevent  me falling over.   It’s not essential,   but it helps.
  8. scrolling required*:   I’m too attentionally challenged to regularly  read blog posts that  are long enough to require scrolling the window,   especially if  they don’t include pictures.   Again,   not essential,   but it helps keep my reading  regular..

Apart from including an illustrative picture,  what have I missed that  is important to you?

*  I write  scrollable blog posts.  My excuse is that I’m  endearingly waffly rather  than perfectly precise.      

blog quality guidelines (part 1)
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  1. Kate writes:

    Paragraphs are good things. Full stops work quite well too.



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