lost shoe in the fall

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It troubles me to view

in the gutter a sole shoe,

the last surviving remnant  

of a motor car accident.

Sole shoe on flick-r photoshare

The poem title is a play on the double meaning of the American word  for Autumn, because it  is Autumn now.

The poem was inspired by Wendyhome blog searchers’ interest in footwear, the single shoe I recently  saw in the verge and the many single shoes  I’ve seen  litter the roadside verges and gutters over the years.

How did they get there?   What happened to the other shoe,   to the owner?   Is there a Wendy mother that looks after the lost shoes (rather than lost boys)?   The word ‘sole’ is deliberately used to reference it’s phonological equivalent ‘soul’,   as if these shoes refer to the souls of their owners.

When I see these lost shoe’s my tearducts start insisting on hyperactivity.   Not knowing how they got there, or what has happened to thier original owner causes sadness.   Lost souls leads to  sadness…..

lost shoe in the fall
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