Wendy at #42


Wendy at # 42,   has moved to number 43.     Dr. Wendy is  still,  virtually,  in the house.  

It’s like moving from BBC 2 to BBC 1.   Having survived the answer to the ultimate question I move onto a new channel… ..there’ll be some happy slapping in a local English pub tonight.   It’s Election night and people are coming out to support the breakaway party, the wendy house party… oh yes… happy…….and…….slappy…     hats, boots, beer, election results with a bit of Adulty Hooding thrown in for good measure.     The results will probably be completely UNPUBLISHABLE.   At least not publishable before a couple of recounts and close examination of the chads  (a popular US post-election passtime).  

I am Wendy House and I approve this message.   Party!

Wendy at #42
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  1. Jennifer writes:

    Happy birthday! (Belated)… You’re totally born on International Jennifer Day!



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