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Not spending money is one of my favourite passtimes and I’m not even Scottish!  Here’s a scrabble, triple score, analogy of how  doing one thing can replace three separate expenditures:

Single score

Avoided paying a gym (health) club subscription or for a CD/Video work-out program.    If I deliberately pace myself to work up a sweat I can do all the following  in less than an hour (tea breaks excluded):

  • Weight lifting:   chairs,  table, shelves, vacuum cleaner, books, full laundry basket, rubbish bins
  • Stretching & flexing: lunges pushing the vacuum cleaner,   reaching to dust the top of shelves and wall-hangings,   reaching to wipe the shower walls,   bending to empty the cat litter-trays,   scrub the  toilets and bath
  • Aerobisizing: prancing up and down 4 flights of stairs moving laundry,   rubbish, and vacuum cleaner  between floors, returning the books that have escaped to the front room from the upstairs book shelves

Double score

Not paying a cleaning contractor (or boyfriend) to do the cleaning.   I don’t enjoy overflowing rubbish bins or  clouds of cat-fluff scurrying around my feet with every step taken.   Cleaning has to happen somehow.  

Triple score

Reduced the time available to shop or be pestered by advertising for things that I don’t need.   Wonderful.

Sometimes, my sheer subversive genius leaves me almost speechless.   Almost.  

What’s your favourite triple score?

Wendy’s not Scottish
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