November’s comment of the week

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For the week starting Monday:

  • 30th Oct: Seamus for building an outdoor coyote-proof cat enclosure using re-cycled wood.
  • 6th Nov:   AF Harrold’s mention of ‘the Goons’. Any reference to Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan,   Harry Secomb, or Michael  Bentine,  direct or indirect is pleasing. Altogether is simply outstanding.
  • 13th Nov: Katy  for mentioning the Pooh
  • 20th Nov: The Cultfigurine for asking  “is your anti-spam-bot psyhcic?‘  The word ‘bot’ is particularly appealing.
  • 27th Nov: LaCroix for detailing the push:me-pull:you Seattle:snow car experience including the pulling:person’s  inspection of the  underside of  the car.   Reality stranger than fiction!

you guy’s made my day with your cheery little published thoughts 🙂

November’s comment of the week
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