weekend #1 assignment: when are you going?

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this weekend’s assignment is directly copied from a 7th grade in-class exercise:

Your science teacher Wendy ┬áhas invented a time machine. You have been selected to take the first trip. Explain in a multi-paragraph letter comment to your teacher Wendy where you will go and why.”

weekend #1 assignment: when are you going?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “weekend #1 assignment: when are you going?”

  1. Katy writes:

    First I would make sure Wendy patented her time machine internationally, and run sufficient tests to ensure that returning to ‘today’ is 100% reliable with no nasty side-effects, like your insides exploding, or imploding. Not that I dont trust Wendy’s time-machine building skills or anything, but really she doesn’t have a good track record with vehicular management.

    Then I would make proposals for historical research funding to major government, political and religeous bodies. I would have work with Historians. They would buy me a fantastic digital camera (small, long battery-life, big memory), provide me with authentic period ‘costume’, ‘money’ and ‘etiqutte’ training. Then I’d embark on a series of research projects using the fnacy small camera to document them.

    I’d try to get my first trip to be immediately before the birth of Christ. I’d want to join the 3 ‘wise’ men, was there a star? Get some information for Astronomers, then see who was actually present at Christ’s birth (assuming it happened), and if he was a snotty-brat of some kind of spooky baby-perfect thing. Was he black? Was he a girl?



  2. Mr. Fancypants writes:

    I would travel to the Cavendish laboratories at Cambridge in 1952-53. James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin were there at that time researching DNA. New techniques in X-ray crystallography were being developed allowing scientists to determine the structure of organic macromolecules. Those techniques and the evidence that DNA not proteins were the basis for heredity came together through these 4 people resulting in the world learning the structure of DNA.

    I would go and watch this process because it brought about a sea change in the scientific world and is the basis for molecular biology. The knowledge of the structure of DNA is one of the most important advances in science of the modern age. Quite possibly it is the single most important. Watching the process these amazing minds went through and listening to their arguments and discussions would be utterly fascinating.



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