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Below I’ve copied the top of a web page, not in Excel,   from the Wendy House statistics.   It lists the top 22 URLs (Uniform Resource Locators, or URI’s, Uniform Resource Indicators?) that have requested pages from the Wendy House during November 2006.        

Speculative interpretation of the data above:

  1. The vast majority,   79% (26799/33828), of all  web-site references come from people who are already here  exploring the Wendy House  by clicking categories or  blog-referencing links within the posts.   I like this 🙂
  2. At less than 1% (327/33828) Google provides the second main source of people clicking on the Wendy House.   Adding all the google numbers together (http://images.google.com/,  http://www.google.com/,,  gives a cumulative total of 327.   A substantial proportion of these references were  people looking for images.    A quick look at the search queries that bought people to this website shows they were interested in  the text and photograph in my  “High Spirited” post.    
  3. MySpace is the only Social Network that sends noticable traffic to this Blog.   4 profiles predominantly send traffic here.   2/4 profiles do this because a teenager commented on their profile including a URL to my Wendy House server stored  photograph of the High Spirited  beverage.  
    • 60 references from a 17 yr old boy in Utah.  
    • 58 references from a highly offensive-to-me female objectification for male jacking-off profile. I’ve reported it to the MySpace team  as offensive and inappropriate.      
    • 57 references from Annie, a 17yr Rhode Island  girl’s ‘private’ profile.
    • 40 references from Kate, a 17yr San Antonio girl.
  4. The remainder look like websites promoting loans, gambling and drugs that I suspect remain from when I used to allow trackbacks  (now turned-off).
URL pointed to the Wendy House
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