wooden houses and seattle storms

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Living in a wooden house is still a novelty.   I grew  up in the security of bricks and mortar.   The only noises from the water hammer in the copper pipes as the heating burst into action on a cold day.   Tonight,  I am experiencing my first storm in Seattle.   I hear the wind growing and the house c-c-c-c-creaks.   The lights flicker-ker-ker-ker.   Will I be plunged into darkness any minute?   Time to find my head-torch.

Federal news radio reports:

A powerful storm socked the Pacific Northwest with heavy rain and wind gusts close to 100 mph Thursday, flooding streets, toppling trees and cutting power to thousands.

More than 150,000 customers lost electricity in Washington and Oregon, utilities reported. Additionally, Washington’s largest utility, Puget Sound Energy, said thousands lacked power

The services are watching for floods,   mudslides,   the massive tree’s falling where they could take-out people or power-lines.    At first I thought the locals were always over-reacted to so-called storms.   Calling a snow-flurry a snow-storm.   Tonight I understand, a little more,  why.   The infrastructure is more vulnerable than in Britain.   The tree’s are bigger.   The cables are often overshadowed by trees.   Vulnerable.    The houses are built on the brow’s of hills for the good views.     When the trees on the hillside fall they  unmesh the topsoils,   enable mudslides.    The ‘trouble-spots’ here  are not necessarily known.   In Britain we know the problems through centuries of documented natural events.   Here, many buildings, roads, and  services (power etc) are relatively new,   less than 10yrs old.   The realistic implications of living with this are only really beginning to dawn on me.

I think the big bad wolf is outside a huffing and a puffing to blow my house down….  

wooden houses and seattle storms
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