Summer summerised: Seattle to NY roadtrip

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Summary of  the 3,300 miles drive across 14/50 Northern US States  for 10 days in late August 2006.   This post pulls all the earlier blog posts and adds a few storylines.   Because that’s how a Wendy spends the long winter evenings, reminiscing on her little adventures.   For a visual ride  take  10 minutes to watch a flick-r slide show that gives a feel of the journey.

The journey in blog posts:

  • Adventure pilot:   the reason for the journey is a friend’s home move from the west coast to NY where she’s taken a teaching position in the Bronx.   It’s her truck, filled with her home-accessories (sofa, chairs, tables, crockery, cutlery etc).  
  • Pre-trip plans:   where will we go?   what will we see,   I don’t want to miss anything but I don’t have a clue what’s out there…
  • Idaho Shoot and Stuff it:   the Taxidermy industry is still Alive in the west.
  • Montana Wendy driving:   on the second day I drove for a while.   World traveller took this photograph.   The truck made strange noises,   gave subtle feedback not displayed in dials.   For the rest of the journey I opted out of driving.   World traveller could ‘feel’ and ‘hear’ the truck make judgements about its health based on that sensual understanding that cannot be conveyed easily in words. When and where to sensibly call AAA was an underlying theme of the journey.
  • Basic Truck Maintenance:   duct tape muffles  maddening wing-mirror squeak.
  • Wyoming Buffalo:   the truck nearly runs out of gas late at night in a ‘closed’ Yellowstone park.   Earlier that evening we’d successfully escaped a police tail (not blogged).   Earlier that morning we’d  convinced a different policeman that we didn’t need help.   A truck driven by girls attracts the attention of the police.
  • Wyoming tractors: all over the place,   tractors.   I suspect they are the US equivalent of the British  Yak.
  • South Dakota Wall Drug:   Because its a culturally shared experience, Wall drug has to be visited. Followed by the Corn Palace in Mitchell where we illegally loitered for a while.   Naughty!
  • South Dakota Cowboys:  We saw some, real ones, mainly in trucks pulling their horses behind them.
  • Minnesota mechanic:   he just dove into the engine,   seat in the air,   what a hero, fixed the truck there and then while we hunted-down local pie.
  • Minnesota I90 speed limits:   road signs publish a Maximum and a Minimum.
  • Ohio unshorn teachers: a copy of a teachers behavioural code published in a pie serving Ohio cafe.
  • Ohio Pie Prices: the same cafe showed innovative accounting practices,   the sum is greater than the individual pieces.   The sum is a tad scarey.
  • Pennsylvanian Karaoke: after days of practicing what my pilot called ‘Car-e-oke’ on our last night we raved it up in a small town Karaoke night with friendly locals.
  • Pennsylvanian speeding house:   we were overtaken by a house.
  • Keeping it clean:   categorisation and rating of the tested motel showers (Mining, Cowboy, Trucking, Tourist, Toy).

Then,   not long after completing the journey, the much loved truck died

Bye Bye truck.

Summer summerised: Seattle to NY roadtrip
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