penchant for petite

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twenty-third  post in  a  size-ist  Wednesday series  of “why wendy’s single“.    

Reason # 23: penchant for petite

Excel collected evidence on my previous relationships that

  • lasted longer than 1yr
  • lasted less than 1 yr, near misses.
  • didn’t get beyond preliminary dating.  

Based on a chart infested detailed examination of this data Excel has informed me that my relationship success  (lasting for more than 1 year)  predictors include  the boy being under

  • 5’10”  
  • 135lbs
  • 32″ inside leg
  • 32″ trouser waist

According to Excel,    size does matter.   In the US,   boys of these proportions that are also over the legal age  for consenting naughtiness  are not common.      Looks like I’ll have to work on aligning my attitudes with the  ‘big is beautiful’ philosophy or volunteer to take some social deviant treatment lest I  become susceptible to commiting a social  crime akin to another local gal, LeTourneau.        

penchant for petite
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