racey stinker

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For a man who’s too ‘macho‘ to wear perfume.    Has someone questioned his masculinity?   He needs to reassert he is not a namby-pamby faggot.   “Daytona 500” scent of the race-track:  oil; exhaust fumes; gasoline. Daytona 500 for men who like to go round in circles,  getting no-where,  fast:

Alternatively,   if you’ve got twice the cash to splash on drowning his natural scent, simply make him hum.    

Looks like the patriarchy is stepping up to sell masculinity using the same tactics that have been tried and tested selling femininity to females…  

racey stinker
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2 bits of lovely banter on “racey stinker”

  1. lacroix writes:

    Probably smells a bit like cheap beer and burnt rubber. Yum! Doesn’t that just say “MANLY”? Considering that the NASCAR crowd aren’t real big on bathing or smelling nice in general, perhaps it is a good thing to market a perfume for those particular menfolk. 🙂



  2. kate writes:

    it’s irritating enough to have to deal with over-odourized women. Worse for people who have allergies to perfume content. Better to sell cleanliness to these guys. As with women, fresh pheromones are the business. Yummy, don’t drown them in extract of dead-animal…



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