2007 expiration countdown: 364 days

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performance appraisal:  2006,   age 42 & 43,    is recommended to pass with a Wendy rating of 🙂 🙂

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Things that caused outsized ego,  multiple bounces, hand-clapping and chair-falling-off-ness:

Exploring the US:   crossing the US in a 1976 red Chevrolet truck,  visiting  Spokane, Columbia gorge on the Lewis and Clarke trail, Charlotte, NC.

Family & friends: parental pleasure at the Tacoma glass Museum, Elton John live  and the  Seattle Symphony; Concert highlights that warranted blog posts  included:   Paul Simon, Jamie Callum, The Mountain Goats; Writing a ‘Will and Testament’;  Being invited to comment on a draft of AF Harrold’s next  Poetry book;

Technology:  setting up, then maintaining  this blog;  Replacing  cantakerous Tinkerbell with  whizzy sleek pink Darling; buying and using a  back-pocket camera;

Things that deepened wrinkle-lines,   temporarily increased the protusion-portion of my bottom-lip or disrupted my sleeping and eating habits:

Family and friends: Not visiting the UK, even after my Uncle died;  

Exploring the US:   Errr….   …..I lost  my passport.  TWICE!;   No sniff of greencard;   unacceptably low local-occcurence of like-minded  vocal feminists (female or male);

Technology: Paying LooSea’s ransome  to the bodyshop; Tinkerbell’s premortal pernickety-ness.

If the following thingys are not on the 2007 highlights list there will be a public inquiry,  a hearing, with tables,  chairs, microphones, pews,  and silly wigs or hats:

Family and friends: UK March Tour;    

Exploring the US: Sequim farm on Olympic peninsula; Rhode Island May party;

Technology: blog refinement, less drivel, more focus with a dash of wit; Handbag skills mastered;

This message will not self-destruct in one year it will merely become more insignificant and highly forgettable.

2007 expiration countdown: 364 days
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  1. ashe writes:

    Have a great New Year.

    A MIF reader from the UK.



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