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With one notable exception I have managed to avoid shops that sell unnecessary things at bargain prices that help you save money, by spending money,  during the January sales.   This is the story of my notable exception.

While exploring the small Olympic Penisula town of Sequim,   pronounced ‘squwim’, I found a clothes shop with more than 4 interesting hats in the window.   Drawn in for the fun of trying on hats.   Strewn all around the shop were more, more, MORE hats.   Hand-made,   innovative hats.   I asked one of the 3 shop assistants if they had a card of the milliner.   No.   Do they know if the milliner has a website?   no.  

Sigh.   I may never find hats by this Milliner again.   After an hour or so experimenting with 30 plus hats while  the 3 shop assistants left me to my game,   I realised that I would be uable to leave the without making a purchase.   I selected 3 hats that filled niche’s in my current collection and carried them over to the counter where the assistants were merrily chatting and solicted their expert advice.  

Which of these 3 hats should I buy?

The youngest assistant,   possibly in her late teens liked they way I looked in  the powder-blue closh.   I liked the softness of the wool, orginality of the 1920’s style inspired design.   The middle-aged assistant liked the aubergine (US = eggplant) velvet floppy affair.   The colour is that of my PhD university gown.   The elderly assistant liked the black-white-grey  fluffy pillbox.   As the three ladies argued amongst themselves about the relative benefits of each hat I listended intently.   I asked myself

  • will this hat blow-off in a high wind?   No,  all fitted well.
  • can I washing this hat?     Yes, all were washable.
  • Do I have a hat like this one?  No powder-blue hats. No aubergine hats. My  grey fluffy hat has a fabulously large brim.    

In a rare moment of wreckless purchasing I whipped out my credit card and bought all three for under $60.00 (approximately thirty quid).   The assistants were all happy that I had valued each of their advice and favoured none.

Later I discovered that Parkhurst (Blue closh Milliner) hat’s are sold online.   Dangerous knowledge for a Wendy to have…..

which hat?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “which hat?”

  1. Joanne writes:

    You definitely did the right thing by buying all three. You look gorgeous in hats. Better burn the credit card ….



  2. Jennifer writes:

    Oh how I envy your ability to wear hats and not look like a goob (see: me). Also, I love the powder blue too!



  3. Jen writes:

    The Parkhurst B. Dry Wool Rialto cloche (photo on the left) was one of the hats from our website (www.chichairoptions.com) that was featured on the Today Show by Bobbie Thomas in a fashion segment on keeping warm in style. It’s also water repellent! This hat, along with the Parkhurst Spencer cloche, are best sellers.



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