visitor loyalty last week

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Visitor loyalty,   fabulous idea!

The bar-chart below from Google Analytics shows that between 24th and 30th of January:

  • 8 visitors (probably unique IP addresses?) visited between 7 and 14 times
  • 11 visited 15-25 times, and a further
  • 11 visited 26-50 times

I’m probably one person who visited 50 times 🙂

This means that I may have 29 readers (unique IP addresses)  that return frequently enough for me to guess-timate that its probably on a daily basis.   I hope this isn’t really because their browser keeps crashing when they try to open the blog….    

Of those 29 I can make a good guess about who  9 of them are… …based on both verbal and blog comments, people I’ve met…   Based on this sample of  9 people I’ll develop a “Robin the Regular Reader” persona.     I’m not assuming that these loyal visitors are the same visitors who stay for more than 10 mins when they get here.   That’s a very rash assumption.   The kind of rash that could go all red after a   good scratching…

visitor loyalty last week
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