favicon foisting & fiddly deflowering

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How the Wendy House got deflowered:

I took a small star provided within  famfamfam’s free  mini icon set, then used Microsoft’s Digital Image suite to

  • make the star’s white background transparent.   fiddly  
  • obliterate the flowers in  Ghyslain’s  awesome ’rounded blue’ blog template.   Bye-bye flowers…
  • liberally sprinkle the blog template image with stars

Then, while  playfully browsing the WordPress codex ‘plug-ins’,  I discovered    favatars, comvatars, and gravatars.  


The rest of the fun-filled friday night was spent  foisting a favatar on you.   A favatar is the little picture that shows up next to a website name in the browser’s faviourites list and before the http bit in the browsers address line.    To commit this dastardly crime  I used:

Cat-discombobulating-bouncing ensued when  the little star revealed itself  in my IE7.0 address bar and Tab.   Before Friday I knew  the experience of a  favicon but not what it was called or how to set-one up for my site.  

Sometimes I even suprise myself by how easily I am pleased


favicon foisting & fiddly deflowering
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2 bits of lovely banter on “favicon foisting & fiddly deflowering”

  1. bob writes:

    I can’t see any star in my browser adress bar or tab, do I have to wait for Seattle night time before it comes out 😉



  2. steve writes:

    I put up a favicon on my site. Others can see it but I do not. I am using IE 7.0 What do I need to do to get it?



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