Queen Anne’s Tea cup

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eighteenth in a  royal series of  Thursday posts about taking tiffin with  (black) tea  and milk in the NW USA.

Thursday Tiffin #18: Queen Anne’s TeaCup.

Excellent.  On a snow-ridden Sunday afternoon I drove to Queen Annes and enjoyed a fabulous cup of tea inbetween freezing fingers of air winding thier way around my legs, ears and not-insubstantial nose.  

Wendy:    I’d like a big pot of darjeeling
Server-1: (hesitate)
Wendy:  4 to 6 normal cups?
Server-1: (hesitate) 36 oz?
Server-2: Would this pot be the right size (holding up an ideal size pot)
Wendy: Yes please!
Server-2:  there’s only the one seat available,  we’ll bring it over to you
Wendy: that’s wonderful, could I have a jug of milk too?
Server-2: what type?
Wendy: 2%?
Server-2: Fine, we’ll bring it over to you

The teapot arrived with timer to enable me to judge the brew effectively,  tea-cosey to ensure the tea didn’t get cold, dish to place the removed  strainer of tea-leaves  in,  spoon to stir in my dash of milk.  Excellent attention to detail,  fabulous smooth sympathetic service.    I was impressed.

Unlike the Queen Mary tea rooms the clientelle were varied age and gender.    Hoorah! On this Sunday they looked like students with paper note-books open (no wireless, no laptops).   While mixed gender the men did fit into my stereotype of  effeminate. One sat in my line of sight constantly  played with his gold necklet,   discussed the quality of his manicure with his colleagues and regularly re-adjusted his hair and clothing.   Overheard conversations  from beside me also fitted my stereotype of Americanisms;   I heard phrases like “so,  I  said…. …it was really cool…   …mMMMMmm-Kay…   …I totally agree with you…     ….I have to get me some of that…  ”  

The venue is small maybe seats 12 at most if they are all slim and breath in.    The counter at the back of the shop.  It’s a popular shop,  people are constantly coming and going,   buying loose leaf tea and accessories.  On this snow-ridden January day the shop door opened every 2 or 3 minutes.  Everytime a customer opened the door the fast freezing finger of January snow twisted around my thighs, yanked my ears and tweaked my not insubstantial nose.  It is impossible to relax and fully enjoy your tea when the freezing fingers are regularly poking around, breaking the serene atmosphere that should surround the taking of tea.

recommended for people who are already in the area to drop in and see if there’s a table free for a quick cuppa

Queen Anne’s Tea cup
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