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twenty-fifth in a  clean series of  posts about taking tiffin with  (black) tea  in the NW USA.

Thursday Tiffin #25: char people

I have not heard the phrase char lady or any politically correct variation thereof, such as char people, in the NW USA.   The BBC has used it to refer to an Amercian  and a contemporary website has it advertised as a job-type.   At my place of work there are char people.    They do not  wear beautifully tied headscarfs,  bring a tea trolley  passed your office at 3.30pm,   have cigarettes hanging out of the side of their mouth or provide snippits of wisdom disguised in a subversively surly, morose, wrapping.    This wrapping isn’t widely available in NW USA workplaces.     Sigh.  

Two  of the definitions of char from  

1. To do paid cleaning work in someone’s house, an office, etc. (noun);   Etymology:   Anglo-Saxon cierran.

2. Slang for Tea (noun); Etymology: from chinese cha (20th century)


char people
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