Lily Allen: sassy-lassy, drugged-up, singing, swearing & smoking

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Lily Allen in concert   is Wendy-recommended for post-prubescent people who think swearing, mean-spirits and smoking on stage  are cool,  fans of ska music and fans of pretty white post-pubescent  girls.  


Ratings explained

Lily Allen is very pretty and vivacious.   The music accompanying her songs is heavily ska influenced,   upbeat fun.   Musically the songs reminded me of early Morcheeba and the sound of Lilys voice at the time of the album Big Calm.   The London accent sounded fake in the light of her private school education.   The blatant bitchy malcontentness of the lyrical content was more reminiscent of The Sex Pistols.   Inbetween songs Lily puctuated each sentence with an engaging girly giggle and words littered with profanities.   This  appeared to entertain the mainly male audience who shouted their ‘love’ for Lily.   For me her between song talk provided  a tired, unentertaining story that lacked talent depth or insight.   Smoking cigarettes on stage while singing publically demonstrated a lack of respect for her singing voice.   The ‘controversies’ section of the wikipedia article on Lily sums up her presence quite well.

Bopping around to the music and  enjoying the wit and passion of the lyrics and boyouncy of the music was good.    But I wont be buying her music until the girl matures a little assuming that age doesnt turn even  more sour.  

I could have gone to see James Morrison instead,   I definitely made the wrong decision.

Lily Allen: sassy-lassy, drugged-up, singing, swearing & smoking
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Lily Allen: sassy-lassy, drugged-up, singing, swearing & smoking”

  1. birt in nyc writes:

    Wendy as a self made legend, I know that you would not like to promote the incestuous life around brit celebrity… but you can’t forget Lily’s dad ‘Keith’ in The Comic Strip Presents he was fab.



  2. Kate writes:

    and her dad’s good in ‘Shallow Grave’ though his Enlgand World Cuo football song didn’t show quite the same level of talent….



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