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The film ‘Colour me Kublic’ is a light entertainment comedy treasure.   Recommended for John Malkovitch fans,    Stanley Kubric fans,   Carry-on film  fans and British TV/film fans.

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Ratings explained

The film follows the last few years in the life of Alan Conway who managed to maintain his lifestyle by pretending to be Stanley Kubrick in Britain while knowing relatively little about Stanley.   The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are very varied.

some strengths:

  • Ludwig Van,   plus:   the sound-track is a cleverly constructed pastiche of sound tracks from Kubrick films.   People familiar with the soundtracks use in the original film will  spot visual references to the films,   often comically played.   The quality of this visual and musical treatment is probably attributable to the Director,   Brian Cook, was Kubricks first assistant director for 25yrs and writer Anthony Frewin’s long time working relationship with Kubrick.  
  • Cult quality cast:   John Malkovich as lead and  some fabulous bit and cameo parts by actors who,   arguably, are already cult figures int heir own right.   These are some of the obvious people,   I suspect there were a few more uncredited special appearances:    Honor Blackman,   Leslie Phillips,   Robert Powell,   Richard E. Grant, Peter Sallis, Jim Davidson,   Lynda Barron
  •  Humour:   3 main styles,   Carry-on,   Farce and self-referential.    The Carry-on humour is immediate,   the farce is immediate,   the self-referential often requires knowledge of  Kubrick’s films or British culture.   At one point Malkovitch as  Conway, as Kubrick,  talks about casting Malkovich in his film.   This kind of toying with self-referentialism really tickles my fancy.   The humour also pays homage to Carry-on films by littering the dialog with naughty inuendos.   The Carry-on film reference  is explicitly mentioned by Lynda Barron  who then fabulously goes on to call “Kubrick” “Cuteprick”.  
  • Voice of Wallis:   Peter Sallis is most well known outside Britian for plaing the voice of  Wallace (Wallace and Grommit).   Peter  has one line in the film: “I am Stanley Kubrick“.   The line is  in a chair-collapsingly hilarious scene that references a scene in Spartacus.    
  • Jim Davidson:   plays an aging  North England working-class, gay,  comedian.    There are times when type casting with some built in  irony (gay)  is shere genious.

some areas for improvement  

  • today I am too pathetic to envision any way of improving this.     Check out the Rotten Tomatoes reviews they suggest things like exploring the role of celebrity in society and focussing on character development.   For me,   the film worked fine without these things.
colour me Kubrick
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