visitors might not be people

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Blog statistics below courtesy of Google Analytics.   Google Analytics’ glossary defines visitors as:

A Visitor is a construct designed to come as close as possible to defining the number of actual, distinct people who visited a website. There is of course no way to know if two people are sharing a computer from the website’s perspective, but a good visitor-tracking system can come close to the actual number. The most accurate visitor-tracking systems generally employ cookies to maintain tallies of distinct visitors.

The method, heuristic, that Google Analytic employs to identify visitors is not detailed.  The Google Analytics graph of :: Wendy House ::  visitors  below covers a ‘normal’ calendar month and suggests that between April and May 23rd:

  • 600-ish visitors  were sent by  search engines.
  • 60-ish visitors return* several times per month.    Many friends and family are in this group.
  • 40-ish visitors return on a daily basis.   If this is ‘people’ what troopers you are! 🙂
  • 10-ish visitors, and me,  return twice a day.   Given that I regularly post only once per day 2 visits is a tad perplexing.
  • no-one visits between 101-200 times per calendar month,   how odd is that?   As odd as a snake wearing a beanie in a wheelbarrow race,   that’s how odd.
  • 100-ish visitors return over 200 times in one calendar month.   Super Snoopers!    Now thats just SILLY.   I don’t believe it.      I wonder what this number really suggests…

*return = becomes active after more than 30 minutes inactivity in the Wendy House.

visitors might not be people
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