underwhelming in person

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fiftieth  in a Wednesday series of posts  revealing the seemingly unending reasons of my  single-ittude

Reason #   50: underwhelming in person

software developer (SD):   YOU read Raymond Chen’s blog.   Why?

wendy:   I may not understand the code but I can read his attitude,   its funny.

SD:   yeah,   if it wasn’t for Raymond I never would have discovered Jenn or Wendy

wendy:   the Piehole and the Wendy House?

SD:   yeah

wendy:   I’ve met Jenn ………….and wendy……..that’s me,   that’s me,   I’m wendy (full horror-show of yellow wonky teeth glinting in the spring sunset frightening oncoming traffic as we drive west)

SD:   YOU?   wendy,   you ARE wendy?

wendy:  yes-yes, yes-yes,    YES,    that’s MY blog.    I did it ALL myself…    … I did ask Raymond for help setting it up.   He  pointed out that working on Windows was not the same thing as being an internet website development consultant      (…sleep inducing monologue of everything I think I know about blogging)

underwhelming in person
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one wonderful muse on “underwhelming in person”

  1. Andy writes:

    That’s funny I know Jennifer and her blog from many years ago when I wrote a program used for updating drawing variables in AutoCAD without actually having to have AutoCAD on your machine. She was my tester for the program. A few years later she popped up on Raymond’s blog because she is quite simply the funniest person I have ever known and apparently Raymond must have found her funny as well. It’s kind of hard not to. The cool thing is she is twice as funny in real life as she is on her blog. She should be a tourist attraction IE come to Seattle take Jennifer out to lunch and laugh your ass off as she makes comments on everything she sees or thinks about.

    I haven’t met Wendy yet but maybe someday I will get to. Which if you are ever in Portland let me know and we can go get lunch or tea so I can finally meet you.



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