of bartering books and buses

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Fifteen more books successfully released to the safety of half-price books.   In Exchange, three books paroled to the comfort of my handbag   No cash changed hands.   Bargain,   I gained book-shelf space  and topically useful books…  ..I feel a few more books coming on….

Libraries are fabulous social resources whose being is radically changing nature with the emergence of the Internet as an archive and social resources.   This Library,   Escorial, near Madrid has just made it onto my list of way-too-many-places I hope to visit.   I’ll have to use the bus* or train to get there   Brrrrrrmmmmmmm….Brrrrrrmmmmmmmm…..

Without even leaving Madrid I may get to see an Eygyptian temple,  a Palace where the Spanish Inquisition did some of its inquisiting,   fabulous deliberately leaning buildings, a very ornate post-office, a stadium  bull ring, a crystal palace inspired by the London Crystal palace,   bars that Earnest Hemmingway drank in (not all of them),   graveyards, and of course the essential  very tall thing for tourists to go to rather like Seattle’s Space Needle and Portsmouth’s Millenium tower.

Then there are castles to be checked out,   like the Alcazar…   just outside Madrid…   more buses!!

* I  like  riding on  buses

of bartering books and buses
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