under sink passport

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In November I lost my second passport in one year.   I found lost passport # 1 when looking for lost passport #2.   When the UK Govt. sent a replacement passport #2 they put me on a special limited edition.   Limited to 1 year validity.    They call it the  scatterbrain edition.

Tonight I found lost passport #2.    It was under an unused dusty note-book,   in a cupoboard, under a sink,    in a bathroom,   a cupboard that I didn’t think I had ever used.  

Passport.   Bathroom undersink cupboard.   Now I think that’s a bit silly.  

under sink passport
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  1. James writes:

    One year?! Suddenly, I’m very glad I managed to go over a year between losing my first passport and my second one – they did send me a stern ticking off about taking better care of it this time and how they’d be very reluctant to give me a third, but it’s still a plain ordinary 10 year one like its predecessors. With some countries only letting you in if you have at least six months’ validity left on your passport, that could be a serious limitation!



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