Havarti = dream of fun with friends

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Sixth report in a popular sporadic investigation collecting  cheese dream-inducing  properties.    

Eating phase for Havarti:   5/6  nights produced dreams.   Dream memories lasted beyond breakfast.    Dreams were based in rare though normal life activities.  

Three outline examples:

Moving office with  appearances from colleagues across my 20yrs as a working gal.   The building that we moved into  used fireman’s polls as a way to get downstairs.    Reminiscent of ‘snakes and ladders’.   Quite a lot of fun was had by all as we unpacked our boxes,   drank lashings of tea, tried the firemans polls and had water-fights.    

Visiting the beach with Flat Eric and a climbing club that included everyone I’ve ever climbed with and some people that I know climb but haven’t climbed with.   Flat Eric did some amazing technical moves on some overhangs then we all went wind-surfing and small dhingy sailing in a Costa-Rica type location.    

Faerie Tour of UK pubs.   In a storyline that could have been produced by a collaboration between  Harold Pinter and Alan Bennett my friends  and I spent a summer touring real-ale pubs,   Inns,  staying in them and regularly dressing-up as faeries is the evenings.   Some larger fellows look a tad silly when wearing faeries outfits.   My  outfit was black and actually maps to many clothes that I have in my closet,   though I don’t have a black tiara and wings.     The dream mainly covered our escapades on tour.   Excellent fun.

Conclusion?   Very nice result.   I’m not publishing a decontamination phase because I plan to stay with Havarti for at least a couple more weeks .

Summary.   Havarti induced Wendy-dreams are:

  • very cheerful
  • consistently produced.
  • exaggerations of pleasant plausible realities.
  • persisted into  early waking hours  memories.
  • social events full of actual friends, family and work colleagues from throughout my life.
  • excluding  wierd morphing of people and things into wierd unfamiliar people and things.

You too can play dreamy cheese:   How to play dreamy cheese

Havarti = dream of fun with friends
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