Excel explains #6: drinkies and pies

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OH Look at this!  

Excel is trying to tell me something about pies and drinkies.

I’m not sure what exactly Excel is trying to tell me.    I like green*,   gradual shading,   tea, ale and pie so I’ll  immerse myself in the visual aesthetic of  the pie chart experience and understanding might emerge with time and fermentation.  

Well done Excel,   you surely must be  right.

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* thanks to Raymond for pointing out the essentialness of the  green-shaded-3D-pie.

Excel explains #6: drinkies and pies
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Excel explains #6: drinkies and pies”

  1. Stephen writes:

    The green, gradual shading is making it hard to tell which beverage is which, sort of like if you’d poured them all into a glass at the same time.

    Too bad Excel doesn’t allow you to make beverage choice charts like a pousse cafe. That would be cool.



  2. Neil writes:

    You might want to update your link to the permanent version of Raymond’s blog post, http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2008/09/16/8953255.aspx



  3. JamesNT writes:

    And from today’s blog on the Old New Thing I find myself once again in the ::Wendy:: House. As always, a pleasure to visit. 🙂




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