Stilton = sleep disrupting diverse dreams

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Seventh report in my ongoing investigations of  cheese dream-inducing  properties.

Conclusion   Mum was right for Stilton.   I recommend not  eating Stilton for supper.   Nightly sleep disruption  was  unusual and unpleasant. The dream content was not substantially different from my normal dream content.  The  dreams didn’t warrant the ‘unusual’ label given to  the female dreamers  in a study conducted by the UK    Cheeseboard   where: 85% of females who ate Stilton had some of the most unusual dreams of the whole study.

Eating phase for Stilton:   6/6 nights produced dreams.   Four dream summaries from different nights:

Memory enhancement  No storyline. No plot.  Less  like a dream, more of a vivid lucidly manipulated visualisation.   I remembered my uncle who died 20 years ago talking and laughing in his home.    It was good to see him again and remember the sound of his voice and laughter,   to see the way his whole body shook when he laughed,   to hear him jangling his keys in his pocket just like his brother, my father still does.   I saw him more clearly than I can remember him in waking hours.

Forgotten. All  I remember is waking up briefly in the night thinking ‘that was a sad dream,   I must remember it’ then falling asleep again.   When I woke in the morning I couldn’t remember the dream,    just the mood.

Celebrity Kitchen.   During most of this dream I was in  the kitchen of a  large Victorian terrace  house during with David Bowie creatively exploring the versatility of vegetables and kitchen utenisils.  Yummy.   I think it was a party but I didn’t see the other partiers in the house.

Work.   This is a common theme in my dreams during normal working weeks.   This specific variation combined and extended things that happened during the working week.

Decontamination Phase.   2/2 nights without eating Stilton in the evening produced  refreshingly deep sleep where I did not wake during the night or recall any dreams.

Summary.    Characteristics of Stilton induced Wendy-dreams:

  • reliably produced every night.
  • dream mood varied from sad through reflective, serious, to happy.
  • Content varied from  parties and work to  detailed visual experiences.
  • remembering the dreams varied from easily recalled  detail through to difficult to recall whether I had even dreamed.
  • sleep disruptive,   I woke  every night,   then fell asleep again fairly promptly.

You too can play dreamy cheese:   How to play dreamy cheese

Stilton = sleep disrupting diverse dreams
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