cute accent #5: on-demand performances

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check-out boy (COB) #1:   do you want paper or plastic?     ( ‘bag’ is implied)

Wendy:   I’ve bought my own (handing over an old  tough bag)

COB  #2:   thankyou for bringing your own

COB  #1: can you say a sentence?

Wendy: ? (raises eyebrows and looks at COB #1 over the top of my glasses)

COB  #2: he likes your accent

COB  #1:   just say a sentence

Wendy:     (silence,   muses on how easily an ill-mannered boy can reduce a Wendy to being an on-demand  producer of sounds for his pleasure.   Luckily, I am not yet fully trained to perform vocal tricks  on demand by strangers, I simply smiled and said)   cheers   (then walked away with my tough old bag full of cheese and beer)

cute accent #5: on-demand performances
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