3 cheers for Sue

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Hip Hip Hurrah!   (1)

brrrrrring-brrrrring..   ….brrrrrring-brrrrring…

Hello   Wendy speaking,   how can i help you (I was at work.   I can do polite)

Hi,   it’s Sue from passport and consular services.

A couple of weeks ago I mailed my recently rediscovered previously lost passport back to the passport and consular services department.   I put  a yellow post-it note on it apologising for the inconvenience and restating my utter embarrassment.   This covered the legal requirement to return  the passport  once found and the moral requirement of  an English person to keep the apologisation muscle flexed incase of emergencies.      Meanwhile my annual scatter-brain limited-to-one-year incase-I loose-another-one passport is about to run-out on November 29th (if I don’t loose it first).   I hope the tension is building for you.   It was for me.   The mere mention of ‘passport’ can reduce me to a quivering mass of unbound quivers.


I’ve got your passport here,   the one you just sent back to us,   and I see that you are using a one-year passport that is about to run-out.


I can either   decommission this one and send it back to you decommissioned and   then when I receive your one-year passport renew that one with another one-year passport.   Or I can hold onto this one until I get your one-year passport,   then decommission the one-year passport and replace the full passport at that time.   It will only cost $15.

Holy SHITE!  

Hip Hip Hurrah!   (2)

An  English person working in what may well be a fairly dull UK government   role has just taken the time to find my phone number,   call me and be proactively helpful.   I explain my upcoming travel arrangements and she says

send it along when you’re ready I’ll keep this one on my desk and sort it out when I get the temporary one.

Do I need to put your name on the envelope?

Yes,   Sue

Sue Who?

Just Sue,   I’m the only Sue here

Hip Hip Hurrah!   (3)

Followed by lots of sycophantic stuff from Wendy and some ‘you’ve got such a cute accent’   (it was English and I suspect I’m an anglophile…)

3 cheers for Sue
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