Chimay = dream suppressant

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Eighth report in my ongoing investigations of  cheese dream-inducing  properties.    

Conclusion   very tasty  dream suppressant.

Eating phase for Chimay:    1/6    nights produced dreams.          

Riding around on buses* in Birmingham, UK,   wandering through crowded flea  markets watching the shoppers,   down alleyways bordered by red-brick Victorian terraced houses in Birmingham.   I got lost and didn’t know which bus to get on to go home.   So many buses to choose from.   Dreaming about buses,   England and Victorian red-brick terraces adds up to I had a fabulous dream.

Decontamination Phase.   3/3 nights without eating Chimay.   No dreams.

You too can play along at home:   How to play dreamy cheese

* I  like  riding on  buses

Chimay = dream suppressant
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