fuzzy categories and tag clouds

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I have trouble keeping my categories stable.   Evolving categories.    By using mini-series such as ‘cute accent’ and ‘dreamy cheese’  I’ve tried to curb my tendancies to create categories and re-assign posts.   The WordPress categories  are  painfully insufficiently fuzzy for my taste.

The new version of WordPress (2.3) has support for tagging and tag-clouds.    Tags could easily evolve to replace my categories because they support the natural emergent and fuzzy quality of both my categories and interests.   Hoorah!  

Replacing my categories with tags could  clean-up the Wendy House archive navigation for you and me.  Tags do not yet offer some of the useful properties of the category system such as hierarchical relationships and hence  similarity groupings.     I’m starting to use tags on my new posts but old posts are not tagged.  

Will adding tags to old-posts spam your RSS readers?   I’ve asked the WordPress support forum to clarify before I start wrecklessly adding tags to past-posts to while away  the long winter evenings.  

fuzzy categories and tag clouds
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  1. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Here’s what the person in the support forum wrote, I think it says I can update old posts without spamming your RSS readers, but I’m not sure:

    “Does editing a post to add a tag send an update message to standard RSS feeds?”

    Nobody can really answer this, because the question doesn’t make much sense. You don’t send “update” messages to feeds. That’s not how feeds work.

    Any older posts in the feeds will be updated to reflect the new data, but timestamps and other things won’t change. Whether your feed readers show it or not depends on how those readers work.

    Also, for older posts, they generally don’t show up in your default feeds anyway, so the feed won’t change if the post you change isn’t in it.



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