cute accent #7: Coffee Queen

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Barista:   it’s not that I like your accent or anything,   but I just have to say that I saw the queen,   well 10 minutes of the Queen actually.

Wendy:   The Movie? (deliberately uses the American word to keep the cuteness thing at sub-gushing proportions)

Barista: Yeah,   and I didn’t know what it was about and that Diana is in it and I thought how important it is and that I should watch the movie.   Would you like a free sample caramel latte?

Wendy:   Yes please

Barista:   and the government,   I’ve seen that and they are so… …how shall I say….     …candid…     I like the   way they stand-up and thump the table.   It’s not that i don’t like America   ….    

Wendy  :   Thankyou (pays for yummy pie and leaves with extra  free latte)

cute accent #7: Coffee Queen
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