Realtor challenge

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<totally serious post warning.   High risk of sleep induction>

Realtors are the people that find you a house or sell your house for you.   In the UK the nearest equivalent is an Estate agent.     In Washington state Realtors are generally self-employed and affiliated to a large agency that provides them with training and infrastructure resources.  

How do I find the right Realtor for the Wendy House?  

I contacted 3,   one recommeded,   one showed-up top in a google search for a description of the Wendy house,   and one has been putting flyers in my mailbox regularly for years.   Each Realtor was affiliated  with a different high profile agency,   John L. Scott,   Coldwell Banker  and Windermere.    All the Realtors had websites, of varying quality,  that I reviewed  before interviewing them.   I interviewed each Realtor asking them to:

  1. outline the general home selling process.
  2. identify what they  considered to be their competitive edge over other Realtors.    

Their answers to the above 2 questions serve well to illustrate why I picked the Realtor I did without interviewing any more:

Found by his Mailbox-flyer

  1. home selling process:   He produced  a seemingly unstructured monolog without using any props.   When I tried to ask him specific questions he demonstrated poor conversational management skills.   He was difficult to interrupt and he didn’t appear to understand my questions.  He made several assumptions about me and my situation.   For example,   he assumed that I had never owned or sold a home before.  
  2. self-stated competitive edge:   He makes very good looking fliers and takes all the photographs himself.  

Are glossy goodlooking paper flyers a strong influencing factor in my house-purchasing decision?   Um,   no.

Found by a Google-search

  1. home selling process:     The discussion was structured around some statistics and graphs (not Excel produced) and clearly conveyed her knowledge of the moving market,   tracking mechanisms and social skills.   She had visited my home the day before,   photographed the outside and made a draft sale-booklet including examples of comparative properties on the market.  
  2. self-stated competitive edge:   Trustworthy

Is percieved trustworthiness of the sellers Realtor a significant factor in my home purchasing decision?   Um,   no.

Found by a Recommendation

  1. home selling process:     talked without prompts in a clear chronological way making it very clear what she did to make my life easy,   for example she would hire a company to clean all my carpets,   would hire an interior designer to ‘stage’ my home etc.   She asked good questions about my time-scale and values and  she adapted her conversation to suit my questions.  
  2. self-stated competitive edge:   She was on the orginal selling team of my Condominium when it was built.   She lived in my condominium for 4 years and knows in detail  the good quality of the condomium management company.   She has sold homes in this conominium at record-breaking prices,   specialised in Condominium sales for 10yrs,   is married to a builder who can arrange quick fixes cheaply and easily for her without troubling me.   Is one of 40 or so Realtors contracted by Microsoft to help find homes for Microsoft employees being relocated to the Redmond headquarters.   She also added a long spiel about the training and quality of support provided by her affiliate agency.

Is detailed accurate  information about the property and  a well-staged layout on a viewing  a significant factor in my home purchasing decision?   Um,   YES!

Can you guess which one I contracted?     YES!

You are SO clever.

<serious part over you can  WAKE UP now>

Realtor challenge
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  1. Mark writes:

    Wow, she sounds like she kicks ass! I hope you sell your place quickly and make lots of money!



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