the stager

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the stager wandered through the Wendy house asking questions like “can we move that into a cupboard where it can’t be seen” and “do you have any throws“,   “pack all the books except those about movie stars,   the dictionary,   and books with classic or high quality covers,   pack anything that might provoke speculation about who you are taking their focus off the house“.  

I asked her “should I get rid of the plants” and “I expect the religious paintings and angels have to go” to which she replied “I’m glad YOU said that,   you’re right”.  “Well religion leads to wars so its probably not good for selling homes“.  

In the Wendy House boudoir he Stager chirped enthusiastically about my Kieth Bowen print.   This print is in the boudoir because it made house guests squirm.   Which apparantly is not a good thing.   I love the charcole portrayal of a Swaledale ewe,   wool ruffled in the harsh snowdonia winds,   suckling  her lamb.   It’s all mumzie!   But this mother-daughter sucky-moment in unpleasant weather isn’t  a hit with the masses.   We agreed that it should probably be covered-up.  

In the garage the Stager encountered my infamous circles and whooped with joy…     …they must have some hidden mistical powers…   …cetainly they have not been known to offend….   …maybe if you watch them and relax they hypnotize you into wanting to buy the Wendy haose   hease house.

the stager
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