a vote for yellow wonky teeth

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In October my facebook friends no longer described me as predominantly  arrogant and mouthy,   Hoorah!

They  have found that my frequent unveiling of yellow wonky teeth  is  my main virtue.   Needless to say, I don’t count any  US Dentists amongst my friends.  

Obviously I could survive on a desert island without panicking about the lack of a dental floss and could focus on the more fun stuff   like some serious splashing in the sea,   exploring,    then bedtime  with  a drop of fermented coconut milk and lashings of ‘goodnight John-Boy’,   ‘goodnight Mary-Ellen’   Waltonesque politeness.  

The total omission of the category ‘worst speller’ is because the Facebook applet  does not compare people on this dimension.   Otherwise I’m sure creative speller would be up there amongst my top virtues.   While I’m considering this I’ll have half a dozen a cups of tea because I surely can drink a lot of tea,   as indeed my friends conscientiously observe.

Then in November my wonky teeth got knocked off the top slot by my outstanding manners with new entries replacing adventurous and best companion on a desert island with loyal and dateable.     In the light of my repatriation this all makes good sense because while the UK is an island,   it is not a desert,   and returning to the UK can be viewed more as native loyalty than adventerousness.   Dateable?   Hmmmm….   this is questionable on the grounds that no-one has actually managed to achieve a ‘date’ in 2007.

Goodness knows where the manners came from,   probably mumzie.

a vote for yellow wonky teeth
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