moving continents vs bipolar disorder

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According to the helpguide’s description of bipolar disorder,   relocating from the NW US to Reading (rhymes with head-ping), UK, is like a temporary outbreak of bipolarism.

dramatic shifts in mood from the highs of mania to the lows of major depression…     …much more intense and disruptive to daily functioning… …these episodes last for days, months, or sometimes even years”

Lets examine the evidence:

5 people come to view the Wendy House in one day,   and my excitement levels and euphoria go through the roof.   No-one asks to buy any of my craiglist or Expo classified listings and I start believing that I’ll never sell any of my junk unique and intersting accessories. A fabulous cat-sanctuary offers me a deal on keeping my kitties and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude,   a UK approved shipping firm quotes me a price 8 times beyond my planned budget for handling the kitties journey and I’m sunk into despair for days as I realize I need to find more cash before I sell my home.  

I need more tea than I can possibly drink during my waking hours.

moving continents vs bipolar disorder
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