complicateder and complicateder

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Condensed recap of the story so far, I

  1. lost my passport-1 in my US home
  2. applied for a replacement
  3. received replacement 10yr passport-2
  4. lost the replacement 10yr passport-2
  5. found the lost passport-1 while looking for lost passport-2
  6. sent passport-1 back to Washington DC consular and passport services with an application for to replace passport-2
  7. received ditsy-person replacement passport-3 that will only last for 1 year – until November 29th – must be renewed at Washington DC consular and passport services
  8. found lost passport-2 in September and sent it to Washington DC
  9. Sue from consular services phoned to say that she will hold onto passport-2 and renew it (10yr version) when she receives my renewal from for passport #3 towards the end of November.
  10. Accepted UK job offer to start on November 26th. Planned to fly to the UK on November 23rd with my old passport then mail it to Sue in Washington DC for renewal promptly upon arrival thereby getting my 10yr passport back.
  11. My belongings are being shipped to the UK, they require passport details. Shipping service confirmed that having my passport renewed should not be a problem.
  12. Completed passport-renewal form on November 13th promptly after returning from a UK visit to secure a place to live when I arrive on the 23rd. I can now complete this form in less than 10 minutes due to regular practice. The last page before signing includes a set of statements that I hadn’t yet memorised If you squint you might be able to see the unforeseen challenge in bold-type:

 The new stuff:

“I am, today, in the country of application and will be at the time of issue.”   This says to me that when I get to the UK I can only renew my passport in the UK.   This is at odds with the ditsy-person renewal requirement of only renewing in the Washington DC office where they have my 10yr passport-2.    I can’t renew in the US because I discovered this requirement 5 working-days before I am due to fly to the UK,   insufficient time for passport renewal US-side before I repatriate.   I phoned the Washington British Consular and passport services who charge at a rate of $2.45 per minute for the luxury of talking to a real, expert,  person.   I explained my situation and the passport expert said:

OH, that is a tricky one

Then put me on hold to discuss the options with other expert people.   We made some decisions that will get me to Britain on the day that I sell my home here and 2 days before I start work there.   I suspect this is not over yet.   Stay tuned.

complicateder and complicateder
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2 bits of lovely banter on “complicateder and complicateder”

  1. JenK writes:

    Oh dear.


    On a semi-related note, are you continuing your green card application, or is that being canceled, or are you going to see what the new job is like first?



  2. DysgraphicProgrammer writes:

    I can top that. My dad once had to go looking for his US passport for the first time in several years. He found no less then 3 old, expired, lost, passports but could not find the current one anywhere.



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