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After one week in Abadair house The Wendy House is temporarily relocating to  one of the 4 top floor flats (US = apartment) in this classy  Reading townhouse.   It’s  an extremely cute  minature penthouse that has furniture to match.     The landlady reliably informs me that all walls and floors are decidedly uneven so I have to take precautions against sea-sickness.   Not to worry about the pigeons living in the wall cavity,   their coo-ing can be quite cute in the morning.   The chap who lives below is called ‘cannabis man’ so I don’t have to worry about disturbing him because he is extremely well chilled.   The people in the flat next door are called the little people,   and indeed they are,   but not pre-adolescent little.   Evidently I can see directly into the flats opposite and below,   more of that fun nightime activity in a later post…


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