US reactions to my departure

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senior colleague:

Wendy is one of our best.    She’s the sort of girl that, when she says she’s leaving you think,   Wow that’s a great new job but boy are we f**ked

junior colleague:

blub-blub-blub,   blub-blub,   blub-blub-blub” (or noises to that effect)

someone in the corridor:

f-off back to blighty then you old trout” (no-one was plucky-enough to actually say this,   I made it up)

senior colleague

once you’ve learned how to spell,   stop wearing velvet,  and start talking properly rather than your geeky research stuff then  the world will be your oyester” (Mushroom implied,   this wasn’t Raymond)


“would you like a lift to the airport?”


“how many days vacation will you get?”


“they have Anne Klien in the UK” (me – who’s Ann Klien?)


“do they have mountains in England?”

sadly deluded commenter on theoldnewthing blog ‘shipper’

“disappointed that Raymond and Wendy didn’t end up together”

The New York Times

”       “


  • this blog is fictional.

  • any offense caused to any friend or colleague is purely intentional.

  • all spelling mistakes are deliberate.

  • I reserve the right to relocate again  if someone makes me the right offer.

  • are you still reading?  You get brownie points for perseverence, ability to scroll or possession  of a huge monitor or dense screen resolution (take your pick).

  • I like lists

US reactions to my departure
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3 bits of lovely banter on “US reactions to my departure”

  1. Hilton writes:

    Farewell, and I hope we meet again sometime!



  2. Raymond writes:

    By the way, “shipper” is lingo for a fan of a fictional world (e.g. Harry Potter) who supports a particular romantic coupling, whether it be supported by the story line or not. So it’s a good thing this blog is fictional.



  3. Mark writes:

    Haha! I love the way you intentionally mis-spelled oyster in the quote about your spelling 🙂



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