N26 and N27

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This moving malarky is intense, unrelenting  and exhausting:    decision,   decision, decision,   pack, pack, pack,   sell, sell, sell, donate, donate, donate, comma, comma, comma….

I will be treating myself to a long ride on the top of double-decker bus as relaxation one  Sunday in  Reading.  

I like the look of the N26 and the N11.  

The bus service in Reading is of award winning European standard!   Hoorah!   The Reading “PLUSBUS’ service won the International Road Transport Union Eurochallenge Award 2007 judged by an independent panel of European senior transport experts.   Oh, OH, OHHHHH,   I feel a bout of bus-geeky over-excitement about to break out….   If I get one friend to come with me we can be a ‘group’ and  buy a   bargain group ticket for all  day Sunday travel  for only 5 GBP.     I may take Flat Eric.   It’s oh too exciting,   don’t you just wish you could sit up there with us and make bus-appropriate sound effects and faces at the pedestrians we pass?   Simply hours of good clean fun to be had.

N26 and N27
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2 bits of lovely banter on “N26 and N27”

  1. :: Wendy :: writes:

    In one wild Sunday, to avoid icky shopping chores, I took the number 9 through Caversham Hieghts, the Number 65 through Woodley and the number 24 through Emmer Green.

    Conversation with bus driver:

    Wendy: can I just ride the whole way round back to the bus station?
    Bus Driver: What? For Fun!
    Wendy: Err, yes
    Bus Driver: of course you can, on you get



  2. Vamos writes:

    You’ve missed out the delight of riding the Number 17 down Oxford Road – welcome to the west side.. gasp in delight at the “lost sock” laundry.. howl in amusement at the lidl/macdonalds parking lot fear factory near the west Reading station. Just don’t walk down oxford Road after midnight..



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