centre of the universe or small town?

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Estate agent: what’s your current address?
Wendy: (the Wendy House,   address)
Estate agent: big white building?
Wendy: yes, how did you know?
Estate agent: I used to live near there

I keep meeting people that live(d) near the Wendy House.   How cosy is that?

centre of the universe or small town?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “centre of the universe or small town?”

  1. Scaryduck writes:

    *embiggens pic*

    *nods head knowingly*

    Yeah, I used to live near there.



  2. Kalian Mimsy writes:

    Oh yes, me too I’m afraid, although I was in the decidedly down market Lorne Street, where I had a bedsit in a house that could technically be classified as a brothel (due to the girl working out of the basement flat, and the girls the owner would bring down from Leeds at the weekends to work out of the house).

    I take it you’ve tried the RAT (Rose & Thistle) Public House on Argyle Road? Used to be a good pub, at least, it was when I worked there as a part time barman.

    happy days.



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