seasonal lists

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Mini Wendy’s are herded by their parents into providing their Maiden Aunts with helpful lists lest they get the normal bizarre undesirable obscurities she normally offloads their way in the name of goodwill.

Lets take a moment for a thematic analysis of these lists.   The 13yr-old has covered her back against seemingly being disapointed by adding the item ‘surprises’ to her clearly titled pink,   heart-bulleted, picture illustrated, word-document  list.   Outstanding job,   not least the request for a hair straightner,   dropping the clearly superflous e was a stroke of pure genious.

By age 15yrs the Mini Wendy has grasped the usefulness of hyperlinks and chosen them over pictorial representations.   The top-shop and over the kee socks references are clearly fashion references that perhaps I could learn from.   Hmmm…     And the lassie has clearly dealt with my impending myopia,   excellent forward thinking there.

Good to see the mini Wendy’s are developing the Wendy trait for list construction.   Clearly the girls are growing into fully rounded capable young Wendys

seasonal lists
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