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People who hail from Reading are (pick one option or add one of your own making):

  • Readingensians
  • Readonians
  • Readibus
  • Readifolk
  • Readipop

Thanks to Adam Sowan for raising my awareness of these options. Obivously I like the Readibus option because of my prediliction for buses.   But how do you get to be a Readibus?   So far I’ve found 2 things:

  1. living in close proximity to the big white house or at least being able to identify it by its address
  2. Working for specific companies or at specific locations (e.g. Thames Valley Park) .  

What other things do you think it takes to hail from Reading?   When will I have been ‘localised’  (in a conmputer jaron sense of the word)?

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one wonderful muse on “Readibus”

  1. ruth writes:

    I used to live in Reading a long, long time ago, in a house near Reading Boys School. Very quiet there then in spite of Marianne Faithfull going to school just up the road.
    Now a bus runs right past the house I used to live in. I thought you would like to know that.



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