The big white house

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In the quest for a new Wendy House of my own I have been visiting a variety of Estate agents,   one at a time.   They all ask:

What’s your current  address?

 The Wendy Pent-House

Can you see the theme in the replies?

#1 Romans Estate Agent:  the big white house?

#2 Carsons Estate Agent:   the big white house?   I just sold a flat there for 240,000, very nice.

#3: Prospect Estate Agent:   the big white house?   We have a flat for sale there by Mr.  [name], would you like to view it?

Wendy to prospect agent: [family name]?

Agent:   Yes,   he’s…

Wendy: …a professional football player,    the other people living in the building told me about him* he’s currently on loan to [football team,   not based  in Reading].

Agent:   You’ve just missed him by minutes.   He came in here,   just now,   that’s quite a coincidence…

Wendy (oozing insincerity out of every orifice and some pores too): Oh dear,   what a shame.

*an unpublishable variety of unflattering names were used by to describe the fellow and descriptions of  how he engaged with them.

The big white house
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