hot stuff

Radiators are the most common way of heating homes in England. They work by a stream of hot water flowing to them, radiating to the rooms they are in, supplied by a natural gas fired boiler and electric pump.

This one in the Wendy pent House features a small detachable ‘towel rack’ I’ve repurposed as an underwear drier.

Over time bubbles gradually accumulate at the top of the radiator reducing its ability to directly radiate heat from the hot water.   The action of removing this air is called ‘bleeding’ the radiator.   Twisting a valve at the top of the radiator,   listening to the hisssssssss of air leaving then re-tightening when water starts to drip out.   Oh,   the fun of rediscovering English ways…   😉  

hot stuff
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  1. Ed writes:

    i like it best when the water doesn’t just drip it spurts all oily and gacky all over your mum’s brand new painted wall…

    have you started missing mixer taps yet?



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