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In English newspapers sport stories,   results, are normally reported on the back pages of paper newspapers.   When I graduated from a Leicestershire University (1992)  an hounoury masters degree was awarded to Gary Lineker for being a Master of his sport and

“putting sport where it belongs,   on the back pages”

In the early 90s footballing celebrities like Gazza were getting newspaper coverage on the front pages for behaviour that is surely not worthy of emulating.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a fun Christmas, office, party held in Madame Tussauds waxworks where I met Gary again and he looks just the same…

on the back pages
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3 bits of lovely banter on “on the back pages”

  1. ruth writes:

    Ooh, I just wrote my first comment on yr blog (thank Scary for the link) on an earlier post and what a coincidence, here is another post I simply feel I must say … – I am ‘doing a Master’s’ at a university not in the UK and it’s hard work, I tell’s ya. I can’t really appreciate, from this perspective, that people – admittedly gifted in another discipline – can get awarded degrees without doing the grind of research.



  2. Scaryduck writes:

    …he looks just the same…

    His honorary degree was awarded in a crisp packet, then?



  3. Vamos writes:

    Reminds me of Tubbs out of the league of gentlemen see:

    fact finding on the league of gentlemen:

    I’ve done a Masters – five years of sweat, hard sums and heavy drinking on a Friday night. Just doesn’t seem right that someone can get handed one for free..
    Also seems ironic that Gary stars in ad’s that sell deep fried potato products that are detrimental to health and thus sporting performance – yet he’s given a masters of sport ?



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