circa 1895 Wendyhouse preparation for habitation

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Initial repair and maintenance costs will  be based on a full structural survey, local and environmental searches, drainage and sewerage reports and finally builders work estimates. Builder estimates will include:

– Replace Kitchen roof: new slate, new pitch, increased overhang.
– Damp-proof-course protection: add the standard building regulation gulley around the conservatory and front of the house, add vertical damp-proof course at the each of the 3 junctions where a garden wall meets the House walls, and internal injection damp-proofing the wall between the kitchen and the hall cupboard.
– Insulation improvements: Increase insulation quilt thickness to 250mm over horizontal ceilings & use high performance insulation slabs or the loft access hatch and over sloping ceilings.
– Replace missing slates on main roof.
– Install humidity sensitive extractor fans in kitchen and bathroom.

A new Wendy House on the horizon,   with a new Kitchen roof,   it’s all very exciting…   …I’ll have a cup of tea while I re-read the survey bacause that’s my idea of fun….

circa 1895 Wendyhouse preparation for habitation
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  1. :: Wendy :: writes:

    Solicitor supplied copies of Land Registry information imply that the Wendy House was built before 1862 and converted from its former usage into a house in 1870.



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