scary eyewear

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Sixty-forth in an in-sight-full series explaining the reasons behind my single-ness

Reason # 64: scary eyewear

Wearing Teflon Rohan trousers and a ski jacket with the hood up makes me look like I’m touting for business. While ambling home from work in the dark I notice that a car driving towards me slows up, passes, does a 3 point turn and starts to crawl the curb, matching my pace, next to me. I walk over, stoop to look into the car and give the obviously confused driver some advice. Upon seeing my scary eyewear he puts his foot on the accelerator.

scary eyewear
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2 bits of lovely banter on “scary eyewear”

  1. Scaryduck writes:

    I hope your first words were “I’m a serving police officer…”



  2. Mark Nethercott writes:

    The delights you can find in Reading! 🙂
    I think the glasses are a tenuous excuse… a fellow blogger (Petite Anglaise – has similar glasses and is very happily ‘un-single’ …



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